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Social media is an important promotional tool for any serious business. It allows for a huge amount of exposure without the costs of a big traditional marketing campaign, and provides insight into the preferences and behaviors of your customers. Many businesses have already recognized the value of social media, but when managing several profiles on different platforms, things can get somewhat hectic. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they don’t have a simple way of inviting their visitors to interact with the company through Facebook, Twitter and other social websites.

Weak calls to action and small social media buttons tucked away at the bottom of the website are not going to give you the results you are looking for. This is where comes in. It provides the savvy businessman with a platform for promoting all the company’s different profiles, allowing visitors to gain easy access. Let’s take a closer look at the biggest reasons for using this kind of service to boost your business.

Simplify your social media marketing

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The usual way of doing things used to be that a company would provide links to their social media sites and ask users to follow them, but with the amount of platforms available today, having separate links for all your profiles can lead to a jumbled mess of links that visitors don’t really feel compelled to click on. However, with you get one simple URL for all your different social media websites, with a fully responsive design and elegant look.

Learn more about how your customers behave online

If you want to get inside the mind of the average customer or fan you need access to detailed information about the online habits of people who interact with your company through social media. All the visits to your pages are carefully tracked to give you more detailed information, and enable you to know which moves are the right ones. Our platform is fully equipped to measure a number of key metrics in order to allow for an accurate analysis of the customer data, including the device they used, their location and internet browser.

Get insight into how well your marketing campaign is doing

Just as monitoring user habits can help your company make the right tactical decisions, a detailed analysis of your social media campaign over a certain period time can help you identify both the areas that need to be improved upon, and the decisions that have yielded the best results in terms of engagement. Using the Social Media Analytics Engine allows you automate the data gathering process, so that you can make informed decisions quickly, without wasting any time and energy on the grunt work.

Spread brand awareness

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With a simple one stop service for all your social media needs, and a smart and user friendly design, you get a very efficient way of establishing yourself as a popular brand. The design of the web page, with large social media buttons for quick access, can be modified to blend in perfectly with your logo and overall aesthetics that your company is going for.

High performance and customizability

The platform supports a large number of social media websites, and not just a few of the most popular ones like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. There are plenty of free beautiful themes ready for use, and the color matching algorithm lets companies input their logo and instantly find the themes that work best with it. The more creative entrepreneurs who are looking for something very specific can take advantage of the user friendly drag and drop theme editor to create a unique look for their social media page.

Not only can you upload your own background image and select a custom color scheme, but you can also customize the social media icons, i.e. choose your own images instead of the defaults. The loading speeds are very fast, so your customers won’t have to wait for the pages to load, and be tempted to just close the tabs and move on.

Putting the links to all your social profiles on a single page that can be designed to blend seamlessly with your company logo and color scheme, is the perfect way to give your online marketing the boost it needs. The platform is a powerful social media management tool that makes things simple for both the company and the customers, and ensures optimal engagement.

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