How to Track Which Social Media Network Is Working for You


If there is one thing we learned from social media, it is that they are a crucial part of any marketing campaign, since the majority of consumers are frequently online, and browsing their news feed. Even social networks themselves have become more marketing friendly over the course of time. They can boost your page or buzz a certain post, find your target audience, and now they are even measuring your response rate.

Profiles have gradually became your online stores, you update your customers by sharing new products, you upload photos of your merchandise, and you chat with them using your inbox. The only problem is that you can’t track the progress, or the contribution of your social media profile with accuracy. This is a big problem solely because you have no idea just how much budget you should invest in social media marketing – all you know is that they are a necessity.

**Good options  **

Google Analytics 2 Subheading 1

If you are in need of free analytic tools than Google analytics is a good solution, you can use it to track the conversion value, see how visitors behave on your profile and find out how many people are talking about your site. However, it is a free solution which means it is a far cry from perfection, so the data it provides you with is not one hundred percent reliable.

If you intend to tweet a lot, or incite engagement via Twitter, then Buffer is a tool for you. It will point out to your posts with higher engagement, and provide you with statistics, when you should post in order for a majority of people to see them, what kind of posts are performing better, etc. Bear in mind this platform is focused on Twitter and as far as social media advertising goes, you need to cover Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram as well.

For the purposes of tracking how social media affects your search engine optimization, you can go for Moz Analytics. This will allow you to measure the increase of your domain authority, but currently Google is not including links on social media profiles as relevant linking. In other words, you can see how many people ended up on your website from the links posted on social networks. Furthermore, people who click on links can be hooked by click baits, thus they are not even interested in buying what you are offering. These numbers can mean nothing in some cases.

Great solution

Followus Analytics 2 Subheading 2

If you need a platform that can manage all of your social network profiles, under the same name then is a great solution for such an issue. It can help you manage Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram, basically any online place filled with your target audience. This gives you an opportunity to see a bigger picture, since you have only one URL for all your social media pages.

Here are other analytic benefits of using

  • You will have a thorough insight into how customers interact with your social media profile.
  • The site will record and track visits to all of your profiles and social media pages, and data will also include location, device, as well as which browser was used.
  • You will have results from each campaign you used, thus you can know which one of them is more efficient than the others.

With this kind of information, you can implement more prolific advertising tactics in a timely manner, you’ll have a better idea where to focus your efforts and finances. Plus, you use a single platform instead of three, or four, so you have everything you need at one place.

Lastly, the platform is very user friendly in terms of profile design, and it has numerous high quality themes with an incredible colour matchmaking algorithm. You can also customize small icons and give them your own personal touch in terms of design, plus the pages load with utter swiftness, so users will most definitely appreciate this speedy responsiveness.

To sum up, offers everything the rest of the platforms do, and even more. Additionally, it is all located in the same place which is truly convenient.

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