How Can Your Customers Find You on Social Media


The web has really turned into a chaotic place with tons and tons of content and a lot of places where you can get it. The lines between private and mass communication are constantly being blurred and a lot of people who were not in the public eye before developed quite a strong social media presence by simply being interesting. Most people these days have profiles across multiple social networks. Some even have more than one profile on one specific network. All in all, it is getting quite difficult for the average user to get around the web in a logical and planned fashion.

What does this mean for businesses though? Entrepreneurships strive to be present on most mainstream social networks but this battle is no longer fought between Twitter and Facebook alone. These days, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and even Reddit make up a significant part of the social media puzzle. Once you start creating these profiles, a lot of problems surface with promoting and managing them.

The multiple handles issue

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A social media handle is a user name you have opted for when you were creating your social media profile. While most people don’t give it too much thought, you as a business need to in order to make it easy to remember, original and unified with your brand plans. The problem starts to rear its ugly head when you realize that your handle needs to be slightly different from one social network to another. If you have 5 or 6 profiles, things really start to get complicated. Attempting to grow a bigger following on social networks needs to be streamlined and made as easy as possible for the users.

Connecting with clients or customers

The whole point behind creating profiles on all the major social networks is to engage people on those that fit them best. Now, with many different handles, it can be hard to promote your social media profiles in your marketing efforts. It’s just too much text to promote them all at once regardless if you are doing it online, on flyers, TV or wherever. The cluttering that this much text creates is not at all suitable for promotional material and the “find us on Facebook” or “follow us on Twitter” tactic leaves the users to find you themselves and this is something most won’t even bother to do. I mean how often do you care about connecting with an online entrepreneurship enough that you search for them on a specific social network? This is why most businesses can benefit from a unified URL which will function as a crossroad of sorts that leads to different social media profiles.

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A unified social media profile on

We provide you with a new way to list your social media profiles without having to cite a bunch of different handles and clutter your marketing material. By building a profile on, you are provided with a one link solution to your social media clutter through a stylish and customizable social media profile. When a user lands on your page, he or she can choose with which social media profile they want to connect. Having just one URL from which you can redirect your customers to any and all of your social media profiles reduces the marketing clutter significantly and may even boost your following. FollowUs supports over 20 different social media networks and even helps you gain valuable insight into the behaviour of your followers. This can help you modify your approach on different social media profiles so as to fit the needs and backgrounds of the users that visit them.

The challenges that you will face in the online social media environment are numerous and range from building up a following, creating a unified branding presence, adapting to the specificities of each individual network and so on. offers a real solution for your marketing clutter problems and streamlines your efforts. It is an invaluable tool that resolves a lot of problems for users as well as marketers. We hope you enjoyed our presentation and that you will give the chance to improve your social media presence.

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